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Accessibility and mobility at RMLL2014 Montpellier

mardi 12 août 2014, par pascal

Accessibility and mobility

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You will find details on the situation regarding accessibility at RMLL2014 in Montpellier for people with reduced mobility and other situations of handicaps. Knowing that resolving troubles of access can benefit to everybody, RMLL Sachant que la résolution des problèmes d’accès est bénéfique à tous, les RMLL implement all appropriated ways to obtain it. Accessibility is not just a point to ensure compliance but globally speaking a social issue that concerns the whole population. This concept is clearly identified in Freedom 0, first one of the 4 proposed by the free softwares.

Espla and Comédie Place
Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle is easily accessible for the days « grand public » qui auront lieu les samedi 5 et dimanche 6 juillet 2014. The village will be extended from the office of tourism, up to « kiosque Bosc » where will take place the concerts. 2 tramway stations serve this place close to the one of « la Comédie ». Corum station for line 1 in direction of Mosson, via the university, and Odysseum to go to the train station, the line 3 Juvignac/Lattes or Pérols (in direction of the sea) and the line 4 Saint-Denis & Place Albert 1er and through the Comédie station lines 1 and 2. Tramway network réseau TaM des is fully accessible for wheel-chairs as well as all bus lines except the 10. For any trouble on the TaM network, please call « Allo TaM » on +33 4 67 22 87 87.
Both parkings, « Corum » with 500 places and « Comédie » with 900 places are also accessible for people with reduced mobility. Lifts and toilets for « la Comédie » grant the standards. In case of problem, please feel free to contact the concerned services, they will give you information for the parking of « la Comédie » +33 4 67 60 79 97 and for the one of the « Corum » +33 4 67 79 04 59.
Accessible sanitary cubicle for persons with reduced mobility will be placed on « Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle » and on « la Comédie » during the event.
For any other travel, please contact the « GIHP » on + 33 4 67 20 21 17.

Campus Triolet, université Montpellier 2, UFR, Polytech, IAE, Amphi Dumontet
Most of rooms and spaces where the RMLL will stand are accessible.
Being considered for the conferences, simultaneous translations with the French sign language (LDS) and/or simultaneous written transcription of speech.
Occupancy from June, 30th, 2014 until July, 12th, 2014. Planning of rooms and amphitheaters, map of accessibility.

Cinema Utopia
The cinema Utopia lets us the free usage of its rooms and personal. 2 rooms are fully granted to accessibility standards as well as toilets with an external access ramp.

Temple Maguelone
Situated Maguelone street, near Saint-Roch train station and close to tramway substation, the room of Temple projected for the concert of piano « J.-S. Bach » and for the reading of « G. Apollinaire » is accessible.

Accomodation - Crous and Youth Hostel
To welcome people with reduced mobility in the best conditions, some rooms university residences Colombière and Triolet meet current standards of accessibility sensory and PMR. On top of that, please note that the « restaurant universitaire de Boutonnet », is also accessible.
Youth hostel is not at all accessible for persons with reduced mobility.

Daily meal for visitors, the « restaurant universitaire de Boutonnet » proposes several rooms for more than 700 people. A lift gives access up/downstair. Toilets are accessible for persons with reduced mobility.

For accessibility on beaches, the one of « Palavas-les-Flots » is relatively good, you can upload the guide. The town is labelised for 3 kinds of handicap : physical, auditif and mental. To know lines between the town of « Montpellier » and « Palavas-les-Flots », you can have details at « Hérault Transport » on +33 (0) 467225094 phone number.
From Saint-Roch train station, you’ll have to take the tram line number 3 of TaM network in direction of « Pérols Étang de l’Or » up to the terminus, then the bus 131 of Hérault Transport in direction of terminus – « Palavas-les-Flots ».
Info handicap and accessibility-beach : Road sign indicating accessibles beaches. Carpet installed on beaches from mid-May until mid-September
Emergency station « SNSM » :
« Sarrail » and « Saint-Pierre » are open on week-ends from May, 17th until June, 17th and from September, 8th to 16th 2014
Open hours : from 11am until 6.30pm
All emergency station are open from June 23th until September 2nd.
Equipments (tiralo) are provided during these times.
« Audioplage », you can get at the emergency station : a sound totem explanatory system, guiding tactile beacon, orientation sound buoy, resistant bracelets with emergency call.
Carpet on the sand and rigid access are maintained by the beach services.
Grand guidance for blind people.
Showers on beaches are available at hours listed above.
Free toilets stand all along the seafront ; and, upon request only for handicaped people at the « Phare de la Méditerranée ».
For more information, please call the office of tourism at +33 4 67 07 73 51. The office of tourism of « Palavas-les-Flots » is situated at the « Phare de la Méditerranée », equipped with a defibrillator. Free WiFi access.

City Hall
The « Repas du Libre » will take place in the « salle des rencontres du parallépipède bleu » of the City Hall of Montpellier. This aerian space of feast and lights will welcome you in a warm and friendly atmosphere for the gala dinner, which will make joining all the worlwide libriste. Real space for the citizen, it is usually used for celebrating weddings. Very pleasant, oriented to South, from terraces, you will see the sea. The building meets the accessibility standards on several levels : tactile warning indicators are available and lifts are in conformity.

Transportation and parking
Most of buses and tramways are in conformity for any kind of handicap. Stations are comfortable for blind people and those in weelchair.
The town of Montpellier has a lot of parking places reserved to handicaped people and ensures that communal roadways are in conformity with accessibility.
An inventory is under way, it already lists most of parking places reserved to handicaped people.

Cartography of accessibility in Montpellier
Services of the town of Montpellier have realised an interactive card containing information on buildings in conformity with accessibility to receive public.
Consult the card

General Information
The town of Montpellier still sensitive to the accessibility for the citizen is very concerned by travels and accessibility to public buldings. The last barometer of the « AFP » places again Montpellier as a good guy.
The museum Fabre is equipped with the latest devices to welcome everybody. The space Homère of the Émile Zola library is equipped with four computer-aided reading stations. Thanks to the speech synthesis system software, which translates texts into sounds and thanks to the Braille transcription software, the user can access to the 160.000 documents of the médiathèque and can also surf on the web !
More and more examples like HandiCom,, Boussole, and participative « Cartoparties » are jointly organised by Montpel’libre and the town. The aim of accessibility is nothing else than integrating the handicaped citizen in the life of the City... Moving and housing is an essential condition in the exercise of citizenship in everyday life.
Discover all videos of your procedural steps in French sign language.
Accessibility is a subjet that you want to take care of, for which you want to spend time, offer your skills and your energy ; RMLL2014 has formed a group, meetings are organised every month on IRC, a wiki has been created.

Recall on French law on accessibility
Please have a look at the gouvernmental accessibility report gouvernemental and on the law that will enter into force in France on January 1st, 2015.
Reminder : the law of the February, 11th, 2005 regarding equal rights and equal opportunities, the participation and the citizenship of handicaped people will be based on two main sets for accessibility, starting on January, 1st, 2015 :
houses, public buildings, working places must be accessible for anybody, whatever their handicap is.
The moving chain (transportation, roads, public building and places) must be organised such as all handicaped people can access everywhere.

Other questions
Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact pascal
The report

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