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Linux Format : A Distro for All Seasons

mardi 17 janvier 2017

Emmabuntüs is an Ubuntu (and now Debian) based distribution (distro) designed for lower-spec hardware and suitable for users of all ages. The project is based in France, where donated machines are refurbished by volunteers and sold at bargain prices to raise funds. But it’s also part of a bigger picture, being allied with all kinds of charity work around the world, particularly in Africa. We spent some time with lead developer Patrick to find out more.

LXF : So hardware is donated by the public, tested/fixed and Emmabuntüs installed by volunteers, and then sold back to the public. What sorts of other work are the volunteers involved with ?

P d’E : Our Emmabuntüs volunteers have a regular job during the week, and they spend their week-end refurbishing old computers. They are between 25 and 75 years old. At the beginning of the Emmabuntüs adventure, they were mainly engineers or technicians in Electronic or Computer Science, but we see more and more non-geek persons joining us. Teachers, for example, who see in Emmabuntüs a great set of tools to educate children and promote the ‘Free Culture’ At any rate there is no entry selection : all volunteers are very welcome.

We must mention also Montpel’libre (the dragonfly of Liberty, from Equality to Fraternity), the Software Libre User Group, which has helped us for three years to promote Emmabuntüs and free software at the Emmaüs Community of Montpellier in French), by performing once a month sales animations including Emmabuntüs presentation and quick takeover of the system.

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